Meet Intrepid

Office space is generally one of the most costly items on a company's balance sheet and an expense that will impact an organization for many years into the future. The best way to ensure a successful decision regarding office space is to partner with an experienced real estate firm like Intrepid Real Estate Group, staffed with seasoned professionals who can help weigh the options, make wise decisions and apply a vast market expertise directly to each client's bottom line.

At Intrepid, our goal is to become the real estate advisor for our client partners—in every aspect of real estate. The Intrepid team takes a collaborative approach, helping them develop both a long and short term strategic plan aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Whether their real estate needs are changing due to operational functionality, corporate expansion or contraction, or lease renewal with more favorable terms, when clients work with Intrepid, we are there for them, as their partner, to provide guidance before, during and after they sign a contract. We apply our experience of having brokered more than two million square feet in the New York market to help leverage our negotiations.