Case studies

New Age Training


New Age Training is a Manhattan school that provides career training for healthcare professionals, including nurses. The company found out that their landlord had rented their space that their school was occupying, and they had only three months to vacate. This meant that they needed to find a new home for their school, complete a build-out and provide a seamless learning situation for their students in just three months. Adding to the problem was the fact that schools require a special Certificate of Occupancy to operate legally in a premises-and the vast majority of buildings do not have this and unable and unwilling to obtain it. Most landlords frown upon a school use for such reasons that it generates an inordinate amount of traffic in the building resulting in elevator congestion, sped up wear and tear on the building, and "large smokers group" adjacent to all entrances and exits. Finally, their existing landlord was imposing stiff penalties if they did not vacate their premises on time.


Time was of the essence and Intrepid wasted no time getting going on this project. Our team needed to locate a facility in the Penn Station area—the area they were currently in—so that students wouldn't be inconvenienced. Since the school was in a growth mode, they needed to find a space twice as large as their current one. And they needed to find a landlord willing to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for a school, who didn't mind the foot traffic. We uncovered and showed the client close to ten buildings that fit their criteria.


Once New Age selected their new location, our team made certain that the building owners filed the proper paperwork with the Building Department and that the Certificate of Occupancy was ultimately obtained. Not only did the landlord do all of this for their new tenant, they also built out the space for them. New Age was able to avoid their previous landlord's penalties and move into their new home without disrupting their academic programs.