At Intrepid, we see the job of leasing agent as a collaborative venture with our landlord partners. As a company, we are committed to applying innovative thinking and thorough analytics to every assignment.

Phase One: Analysis

Our approach begins with an examination of the property. During this preliminary phase, we begin by identifying the type of building we're dealing with based on the physical structure, location and building reputation relative to the sub-market. Next we chart price comparisons based on comparable properties, study the tenant mix and opine on upkeep and upgrades. During this phase, our goal is to identify any problem areas in the building's leasing structure.

Phase Two: Determine the Target Market

The second phase of our approach is to use the research collected in Phase One to identify target tenants for the property. Everything from the building's location to the floor plate size and window layout can impact the identification of the appropriate tenant mix.

Phase Three: Develop a Marketing Plan

Once we are comfortable that the building's features are up to par, the pricing is competitive and we know who we are targeting, we work closely with the building owner to design a marketing plan that rebrands the property, making it a more appealing and competitive selection to potential tenants. This strategy may include everything from broker events to old-fashioned foot canvassing, broker incentives to targeted email blasts to both the brokerage community and our 10,000 tenant proprietary data base.

Phase Four: Marketing Strategy Implementation & Brokering the Deals

Whenever we arrange for a broker preview or tenant showing, the Intrepid broker will be there, ensuring the property is shown to its best advantage, representing the landlord's interests and presenting the targeted message to potential tenants. Our belief is that without a solid first impressions count, the odds of getting the chance at a second are unlikely and we are committed to ensuring that the buildings we represent always are perceived with an air of professionalism.

Once we receive an offer, whether directly from a tenant or from a representing broker, we will negotiate the deal in good faith, keeping a close eye on our fiduciary responsibilities. We will guide the negotiations process and the legal review with efficiency and persistence until the deal is completed.