The Leasing Process:

Phase One: How it Begins

The leasing process begins with an exploratory phase. During this crucial fact-finding period, our team works to analyze where our clients are versus where they hope to be. We examine the key factors in the real estate decision making process, including budgetary goals, industry-specific requirements, space, usage/capacity needs and time constraints.

Phase Two: The Search for Space

Once we understand all the pieces of their specific real estate puzzle, our team goes to work on their behalf. We diligently explore all the relevant options that meet their criteria both quantitatively and qualitatively. We take photos, collect floor plans and compile extensive write-ups on all viable options. These selections are then presented to clients for previewing purposes. By doing the prescreening for them and only bringing them to the spaces deemed relevant, hundreds of hours of their precious time are spared.

From these options, they select the spaces that work best for their company. Each is analyzed using our software to provide detailed financial models that study every liability their company will face throughout the entire term of the lease. At the same time, these spaces are studied with the assistance of an architect to determine which option best optimizes operating efficiencies.

Phase Three: The Negotiations & Lease Execution

With the data in hand, clients are able then to make an informed decision and select the space best suited to their business. At this point, the Intrepid team begins the negotiation process. Having completed more than 500 real estate transactions in the New York/Tri-State marketplace, our team brings extensive core knowledge, longstanding relationships and a solid reputation to the negotiating table. We are there as our client's representative, and, as such will negotiate every important point of the lease, providing them with the best deal possible. Even when the legal team steps in, we remain at the helm, managing the deal and ensuring the lines of communication are open, time frames are met and the agreement that is signed is in our client's best interest.

Phase Four: Client Management

Just because the deal is done does not mean that the Intrepid team is finished representing our client's needs. As their real estate advocate, we are available to answer any questions that may arise regarding their property at any point in time. Whether clients need to have their rent bills audited for accuracy, require landlord maintenance or need to renew or renegotiate their lease, we are here for each of them as their personal real estate professional.

Disposition of Space:

Another area of focus for the Intrepid team is Disposition of Space. When our clients find that the space they have committed to is no longer appropriate for their business, Intrepid steps in to help uncover the optimal solution to resolve this situation. We begin the process with a thorough examination of the lease, resulting in a spreadsheet analysis of the tenant's remaining liability. From there we can help decipher which option offers the most viable solution. Whether the end result involves negotiating a lease termination or sub-leasing the property, Intrepid is committed to making an uncomfortable situation easy to digest, with the least financial impact possible.

Lease Renegotiation:

When a tenant is content with their space and wants to resign their lease, oftentimes the temptation is to renegotiate directly with the landlord. As their real estate professional, we would advise clients against this practice. Because of their personal interests, landlords are keenly aware of market conditions and comparable properties. Knowing that most tenants are more focused on their own business than the business of real estate, landlords use this knowledge to their advantage. By calling on their Intrepid broker, we even the playing field by educating our clients and negotiating a favorable deal for them. This includes identifying significant, unexpected charges that may occur in the latter years of a lease agreement. Everything from the property tax clause to electricity charges to annual rent escalations are identified and discussed. By doing so, we insure to negotiate as favorable terms as possible and we remove the unknowns that previously existed.